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ForestThere is a new movement that has started. I recently learned about it and got very excited. I was asked to communicate this to as many people as I can. I hope you will listen and act. It only requires you to have a dream.

The new movement is called "ENVISION". It is a movement to get everyone in the world to start to ENVISION the world as we want it. The movement will include an effort to educate people on the proper use of technology and will help people to "envision" a beautiful planet that is ecologically balanced. If enough people do this, we can change the world's future.

It is a simple idea that only requires us to use our imagination to Envision the survival of the planet and humankind. There are no leaders in this movement. There are only messengers. Maybe you will choose to be one.

EnergyEnvision technology that can be used in efficient manners to protect nature. Envision a lush green earth where people live together in peace. Envision a communication system that allows people to communicate effectively around the world. Envision a planet where people feel safe and live without violence or fear of destruction. Envision happy times for the young people. Envision all the good things you want to have and a healthy environment to enjoy them in.

If, within your life, you have some small way to promote this vision, do not be afraid to try. You can start by talking to your close friends, your co-workers, or schoolmates. If you have more time, energy, and talent, you might be able to make a beautiful work of art or some music about your vision of a better planet. Maybe you could make a small web site that asks others to Envision. Please do any small thing you can do to help educate people about ecology and the proper use of technology and/or implant images of a lush, beautiful, technologically advanced planet where people live together without violence. The main goal is to communicate the vision to as many people as possible so everyone can be focused on obtaining the common goal. However we can raise the resources to do this, we should try. This will be an internationally collective effort to save the planet.

In the future someone will find corporate sponsors who will promote this vision with television commercials. Great multimedia networks will be created which are colorful and fun and will draw people in while subtlety communicating this vision. Movies and media will portray captivating dramas that communicate the vision. This vision will be aided by the efforts of a network of entertainers, people who are good of heart and know how hard work can make a dream come true. These entertainers will work with corporate executives and eventually world leaders to promote the vision. For these people know how hard work can make dreams come true. Since the vision has no religious affiliation, religions around the world can embrace the idea in their own way.

As the vision reaches more people, we will all begin to work in our daily lives to not only dream of buying houses and nice clothes, of taking wonderful vacations, of doing well in school, of eating delicious healthy food, or of owning nice cars, but to also fit these things into our vision of the planet. Some people will invent new ways to save the environment and feed the hungry. Little by little, each person will be filled with this positive vision. They will learn that they have been created with the ability to have a dream and the ability to work towards making it real. If our collective dream is to have a beautiful ecological planet free of violence and hunger, then it will surely come to be. If you ever had a dream and worked to make it come true, then you should understand the power of a dream. You can see how a global movement of people who Envision a common goal can change the course of our planet.

This movement transcends religion, politics, monetary systems, and cultures and will be communicated to all people throughout the world. It will be spread by images and archetypes that can be related to each culture with its own unique language and symbols. The message should not be counted invalid by the personal integrity of its messengers. For most people are like us and fall short of reaching their potential through their own shortcomings and excuses.

If you can understand this idea, please try to Envision the planet not just as it is, but how it can be. If you have the desire and courage, please tell your friends too. If you can do something more in your daily life to promote this idea, please try. It will take some time to reach our goal; but please, Dare to dream, don’t give up hope, and Envision!

We will find the answers!

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