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"Envision" a lush green earth where people live together in peace.

Multimedia, Television, Movies, Music, and the Internet will play an even greater role in shaping the positive development of attitudes and ideas for creating a more peaceful and ecologically balanced planet. While many people associate the current bombardment of inappropriate media introduced into the planet through Television, Movies, Music, etc. others are currently fighting to change this trend. Providing images and sounds that promote positive thinking is part of the current movement, and is already underway. Themes of violence, degrading sexual content, and irresponsible consumption will continue to be replaced by more provocative and thought provoking material. Responsible use of the media is an essential component in the movement to Envision an ecologically balanced planet where people live together in peace.

Many people are working to encourage network television, movie studios, the music industry, and other multimedia channels to reduce violence and degrading sexual content from the mass marketing machines of the world. Moving to a more peaceful way of living, requires we begin by practicing a peaceful way of thinking. Captivating dramas that communicate a peaceful vision will continue to grow in popularity as people evolve away from the violent ways of our past. In order to facilitate this process new media channels are being developed to combat the commercial industries that spread images of irresponsible consumption and violence as if they are the defacto standard of living that all people should aspire to.

As these new media channels become more dominate, people will naturally evolve away from the current media that has been made available to them. As more corporate sponsors continue to promote this vision with television commercials, musical recordings, magazine ads, etc., other companies will see the wisdom in these campaigns and alter their own consumer messages. Great multimedia networks will be created which are colorful and fun and will draw people in while subtlety communicating this vision. This process will not alienate any existing commercial industries, but will instead serve to fuel their success by providing a more balanced global pattern of consumption.

This vision will be aided by the efforts of a network of entertainers, people who are good of heart and know how hard work can make a dream come true. These entertainers will work with corporate executives and eventually world leaders to promote the vision. For these people know how hard work can make dreams come true. Since the vision has no religious affiliation, religions around the world can embrace the idea in their own way.



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