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World News

CNN Asia-Pacific News
BBC Asia-Pacific News

The Weekly Post
Women's Wire News

Japan News Service
Kyodo News (Japan)
Asahi Newspapers (Japan)
The Daily Yomiuri (Japan)
The Mainichi Newspapers (Japan)
Asiaweek Newsmap: Japan
The Japan Times
Nikkei Net Interactive


San Francisco Area News
The San Francisco Examiner
The Oakland Tribune Online Edition

Nerd News Services
Computing Japan
The Japan Times: Computer Corner
The Japan Times: Cyberia
Web Review
Wired News
The New York Times CyberTimes

Kyodo News Member Newspapers
Kyodo News Media Center
Japan News Stand: Magazines


MTV News
Billboard Daily Music Update
Nipponia: Discovering Japan
Neo-Tokyo: Japanese Popular Culture
Song of the Day
Japan Echo: An Interactive Journal Of Infored Opinion
Horagai: Literature

Entertainment Weekly Magazine



Comics and Stuff
Dire Wolff Comics


Rodney Dangerfield's Joke of the Day
Zippy the Pinhead


Where's Waldo?

The Amazing Spider-Man

Funky Winkerbean


Prince Valiant



Weather for San Francisco, CA
48-hour weather outlook
7-day highs and lows
Intellicast USA Weather
Satellite Photo

Today at NASA
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Earth & Sky
Astronomy Magazine
New Scientist Planet Science

Other News Services

Excite News Tracker


US News Services
AP Newswire
USA Today Nationline
The New York Times National News
MSNBC Today in America
Yahoo! Top Stories
TIME Daily News Summary
ABC Radio News
AP Network News
The Positive Press's Top Story
NPR Newscast
U.S. News Online
CBS News (VDO Live)
PBS Newshour

Today's White House Publications

Daily Site Stuff

This Day in History [The History Channel]
Quotes of the Day
Life's Picture of the Day
Today with The Old Farmer's Almanac
Cool Jargon of the Day
About Today's Date
Current World Population

Cool Site of the Day

Daily Humorscope


Business and Politics
Nikkei Net
The Daily Yomiuri: Stocks
Nikkei Net: Busines Browser

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Business Week Daily Briefing
USA Today Money
Money Magazine - Market Watch
Fortune Business Report

The Japan Times Editorial

The New York Times Editorials
The New York Times Politics



Fundamentals of the Group Mind - Flash Movie
Envision - Narrative Overview
Envision - Environmental Action
Envision - Science
Envision - TV Guide
Envision - How it Works - Flash Movie
Meditation 101 - Flash Movie
Relax the Mind - Flash Movie
Kundalini Mediation - Flash Movie

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