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Feb. 2012


Tibet: A Journey to Beyond Tomorrow

There are chances to find other worlds, other places, where people live other lives than us. Tibet is one of those places. Life is a great adventure and Tibet offers us the chance to live a life of great adventure. My first short journey into Tibet, was something I will never forget. In October 2000, I went to Tibet as part of a 4 person tour, lead by Tibetian guides. The first couple of days we went to the main temples in Lhasa. In the afternoons I went to see the monks chanting at the Jokhang Temple

We went in a Land Cruiser up into the mountains. Our camps were out on the barren mountains, beside sparkling rivers. Nomads that live in tents and tend herds of Yaks came to visit our camp. Sometimes there would be up to 30 children, nomads, or farmers hanging around our camp. I had my guitar and played music for them. They were all really nice people.

We visited Temples, sacred caves, monasteries, and nunneries that were built up on the sides of mountains. Away from the tourists in Lhasa, the more remote places gave us quiet moments to hang out, meditate, and feel the culture.

At times we were driving off road over snow fields and through rivers to get places. There wasn’t anyone out there except the Nomads. It was rugged living and really cold at night. But it was like coming home to me.

I returned to Tibet in October 2001.


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