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Day One- Day Four
We had to stay in Lhasa for a few days to adjust to the altitude. Lhasa is at 3600 meters above sea level. It is a real trip getting use to the low atmospheric pressure. The first couple of days we went to the main temples in Lhasa. In the afternoons I went to see the monks chanting at the Jokhang Temple.

Day Five
We camped by a mountain river on the way to Lake NamTso. We met nomads who herded Yaks on the mountains by our camp.

Day Six - Day Eight
We camped at Lake Nam Tso. We were given a tour of the local area by the people we met there. There were many sacred caves there.

Day Ten
We camped along a river in a remote mountain farming area. We had a campfire by the river at night. Local farmers came by to visit our camp in the morning.

Day Eleven
We camped at the Tidrum Nunnery which features a Hot Springs medicinal spa.



 Cool Places We Visited
 Potala Palace
 Jokhang Temple
 Norbulingka Summer Palace
 Jampa Thongdol Buddha
 Lake Nam Tso
 Drigung Monastery
 Tidrum Nunnery

Day Twelve
We camped along a river, undeneath the Drigung Monastery. We had over 30 children come visit our camp. We had very spiritual experiences at Drigung.

Day Thirteen - Fourteen
We returned to Lhasa for the last two days. We went shopping, and continued to see many interesting people.


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